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We're glad you've found us. We would love to work with you. When we start our collaboration, we would like to know as much as possible about you and your brand. Your wishes, future plans and sky high dreams.

Our representatives are there for consulting you with the ideas you have and would like to work out. They're knowledge grows with the day and are up to date when it comes to possibilities in materials, shapes and printing. With
our tight and transparent communication, you'll always be updated about the design- and manufacturing process but also about the logistics.

The design team can turn your ideas and sketches into visuals. They will make the item come to life. When you prefer direct communication with the graphic design team, that's possible. We know how important it is to feel connected and to work efficient. The graphic design team communicates with the manufacturers in Europe and Asia when it comes to the design of the item. Our representatives are in charge of the logistic part. No problem if you design yourself of have somebody else to do it for you. But our design team will always check the final designs to make them print ready for the manufacturers.

We're up for a challenge. Found a fabric you like, our Europe and Asia team can source this fabric and all kind of other materials. They are up to date when it comes to everything that involves the production process and visit local markets for the newest releases.


Our manufacturers are situated in Europe and Asia. We have a long-term-relationship with all of them and know them for many years already. They're really part of our team here in the Netherlands. Frequently one of us travels to visit the offices there and vice versa. We do not work with agents or suppliers as intermediaries, so our communications is tight and transparent. Our manufacturers will make sure of the quality control. With their same hard working method, they'll always do the best they can in high level and high speed

To complete the circle, we can provide the logistics for you. No worries and paper work for shipping to your country. It's a daily business for us and we would love to do this part for you. Just let us know where you would like your items delivered.

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